Welcome to All About Pets!

Established in 2003, We are a Unique dog grooming salon and boutique located in Marcoola
Throughout our website, you will discover our services. we will pamper your precious dog and keep them looking their absolute best.

We always dedicate quality time to ensure all of your dogs needs, (like puppies, elderly, or dogs which have anxiety or medical conditions) are met during their visit here, all our staff are highy trained and experienced so you can feel confident that your precious dog is in the "Best of Care" at all time.

We belive every dog being groomed should feel no fear, it should always be a pleasant and positive experience. Our dedicated groomers will make sure that every experience is positive, relaxing and fun for your dog, so much that your dog will look forward to their next grooming visit

We never have or never will use  production line grooming methods in our grooming salon. We never will use sedation of any kind, 
We carry a range of dog accessories, professional grooming equipment, flea, tick and worm treatments, treats,shampoo's and much more.